Best Football Pitch Invasions By Animals

Animals are our beloved friends but sometimes they end up in places they shouldn’t. These might be on our sofa or in our bed but sometimes they can end up on the pitch at a sporting event. It is always a good laugh for the crowd when an animal invades the pitch and usually gets a good reception with stewards or players trying to coax the animal of the field of play so that the sport can resume.

The great thing about it is that it is so random and you never expect it. However, the latest betting apps are actually adding the feature or allowing you to request a bet that the game will be stopped due to a pitch invasion by an animal.

So here is a look at some of the best pitch invasions we have ever seen.

Goodison Cat

In 2019, Everton and Wolves were greeted with a nice surprise when a black cat got onto the pitch in Liverpool. The cat was on the field of play, gleefully jumping around the turf looking where to go next. The cat managed to take all the momentum out of the game because there was a massive seven minutes added time due to the stoppage in play.

The Anfield Cat

This was not the first time in the Premier League that a cat had stopped play in Liverpool. When Liverpool hosted Spurs in 2012, a feline jumped onto the Anfield pitch and produced the most entertainment in a 0-0 draw.

However, this would not be the last time nor was it the first time a cat has got onto the pitch at Anfield. A stray cat in 1964 decided to take in the first game ever shown on Match of the Day between Liverpool and Arsenal. Then in the 1980s a stray black cat was adopted by staff and turned into a lucky omen for Liverpool. “Moglet” the cat even featured on a match programme.

Then in 2014, during a comprehensive 4-1 win over Swansea, a cat once again appeared on the pitch at Anfield. They certainly have a history with cats!

The Georgian dog

A playful stray dog took to the field in the Dila Gori and Torpedo Kutaisi game. The dog was bouncing around avoiding the players but it was quite clear he just wanted to play. After players gently tried to persuade the dog to leave the field of play including a belly rub from the goalkeeper.

Eventually the dog decided that he had had enough and headed off by the corner.

The South African bird

In 2010, a pigeon was the star of the show. During England vs Algeria, a pigeon landed on the goal netting and the cameraman paid a lot more attention to the pigeon than it did the game. There was no need for the pigeon to be worried about being hit by the ball as both sides failed to create chances to scare it.

Maybe that is why Wayne Rooney was so angry at the end of the game, he is ornithophile and did not want to disrupt the bird.

The Etihad Squirrel

Wolves once again attracted animals to a game in 2017; it must be something in the name. Against Manchester City in the warm up before the match the little critter managed to get himself onto the pitch to see the players going through their rituals just before the fourth round of the League Cup.

He was kindly shooed away by one of the Manchester City stewards.

The Stockhorn Pine Marten

This one might be the best of the bunch. During a Swiss league tie between FC Thun and FC Zurich a pine marten decided he would show the wide midfielders how to move at pace as he scurried from side to side.

He may have evaded everyone if it was not for the defensive instinct of Zurich defender Loris Benito he managed to grab the pine marten from causing any more havoc; he got a nice bite for his troubles.

However, the pine marten was not done and managed to escape and managed to get back onto the Stockhorn Arena. This time the Zurich goalkeeper David Da Costa was on hand with his great handling skills (and protected hands) and grabbed the tricky customer once more.

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