Siberian Husky Price In India & Why You Should Buy Siberian husky

Nowadays the people of India have started liking Siberian husky very much. That’s why people want to buy Siberian husky and want to know the price of Siberian husky. Today I will tell you what is the price of Siberian husky in India.

Siberian husky price in India 

Siberian husky was born in Russia and was used as a laborer in snow. It was used by a big businessman and later it was used for dog racing.

Siberian husky working dog breed and it comes at number 12 in the world as World Popular Dog. The climate of India is not right for Siberian husky, yet people maintain it in India.

Siberian husky is a very aggressive dog. Do not buy it if you first breed a dog.

Siberian husky is rarely found in India. If you want to buy a Siberian husky, then the first thing to keep in mind that it likes cold weather, this means that you have to keep it in an air conditioner for 24 hours.

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The price of Siberian husky in India ranges from 30,000 to 60,000.

Siberian Husky Price

Now let me tell you what the price of the Siberian husky is in different states of India.


33,000 in Delhi,

55,000 in Mumbai,

45,000 in Hyderabad,

46,000 in Himanchal Pradesh,

45,000 in Nainital,

50,000 in Jammu and Kashmir.


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Why you Should Buy Siberian husky


  1. Siberian husky look like wolves but do not occur. Some people think that the nature of Siberian husky is like a wolf then you are wrong.
  2. Husky wins are not as much as they look aggressive. People always think that Siberian husky is aggressive but it is not, it likes to play with people.
  3. Siberian husky is very good escape artists, this means that if you leave this dog at home and go somewhere, then they will find a way out of it somewhere. Therefore, you should keep in mind that keep your Siberian husky in such places from which it cannot escape.
  4. Siberian husky is very fast, this dog is used to carry goods in the snow. The Siberian husky can run at a speed of 50 km per hour.
  5. If you want to buy husky then keep in mind that their body hair falls very much. If you keep them in your room, then your hair will be found everywhere in your room.
  6. When Siberian husky is born, their eye color is blue but after a few days, their eye color changes. This is not a disease, they are found naturally.
  7. Siberian husky – can also live in 70-degree Fahrenheit. Yes, it is also found in some hot places, but only when it is there from birth. Always keep its room cool if you want to take it.
  8. Siberian husky can be heard up to 10 km if hauling in an open field.
  9. Siberian husky was first possessed by the people of Siberia. They used it to travel in the snow.

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Things to keep in mind

If you do not keep Siberian husky in cold weather and air conditioner, then your Siberian husky will die in 1 year.

I hope this blog about the Siberian husky price in India will help you. 

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