How to Save Your Rabbits from Hawks?

How to Save Your Rabbits from Hawks?

Rabbits have been domesticated by humans for centuries and are now kept as pets for their cuteness. Some people also keep them for their fur and meat. Now, an interesting question is whether they are good prey for predator birds.

One of the most common questions troubling minds is that do hawks eat rabbits. Well, the answer is yes. Hawks are predators, and rabbits are a common prey, making them vulnerable to attack.

If you are a rabbit owner, you would definitely not want your pet to be eaten by a predator bird. To protect your pets from those evil eyes, there are several steps you can take.

Do hawks eat them?

Hawks are born predators and do eat rabbits. They are opportunistic hunters, meaning they will eat whatever prey is most readily available. Bunnies are a common food source for a predator because they are small and relatively easy to catch. Such birds typically hunt them by swooping down from the sky and snatching them off the ground, and they have razor-sharp talons and beaks that they use to kill and eat their prey.

To add more knowledge, you should know that they can snatch a rabbit out of a burrow or fence too. Hawks typically eat the entire rabbit, including the bones and fur, although they may leave some furs behind. They typically eat their prey on the ground or while in flight, and they can swallow a whole rabbit in one gulp.

How to save your tiny pets?

Taking the necessary precautions can help keep your bunnies safe.

  • Provide shelter: Build a secure, comfortable home for your bunny to protect it from predators such as foxes, raccoons, and hawks. Choose a spot that is away from trees where hawks might nest.
  • Install a fence: A sturdy fence around their home will keep out predators and other animals that may want to harm them. Ensure the fence is high enough to prevent predators from reaching them.
  • Check for the predators regularly: Hawks and vultures are known to hunt during the day, so keep an eye out for them in the area and save your rabbit before you see any.
  • Closely monitor them: Regularly check your pets for signs of injury or distress. Contact your vet for treatment if you suspect a hawk has attacked your bunny.
  • Provide sufficient food and water: Ensure your rabbits always have access to food and water. A hungry rabbit may be more likely to wander out into the open, where it could become an easy target.
  • Don’t keep them outdoors: If you can, it’s best to keep them indoors. This will significantly reduce the chances of a hawk getting to your bunny.
  • Keep them safe: If you must keep the rabbits outdoors, ensure the enclosure is secure and well-hidden. This will help protect them from predators like hawks.


Hence, do hawks eat rabbits? And now you have the answer. You should take all the necessary steps to protect your pet and keep them with you forever. You can also install netting above the enclosure to provide further protection. Additionally, installing a decoy or scarecrow may be helpful to deter such birds.

Finally, monitor your rabbits’ behavior during the day and keep them in a safe, secure area when they are not in their enclosure. With these steps, you should be able to protect your rabbits from these birds.

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