6 Amazing Apps Every Dog Owner Must Try

Being a pet owner is not just about feeding and playing with the pet. It involves a lot of practices that need to be implemented to take proper care of them. You must train your pets, maintain their health and nutrition, and provide them with suitable toys for constant play.

But understand that you are not alone in this. There are a variety of applications available in the market that you can use to learn about pet care and train them.

Here are six cool apps that every dog owner must try:

1. GoodPup

GoodPup is one of the best dog training apps that provides one-on-one training sessions from vetted, verified, and expert trainers.

Once you download the app, you will have to fill out the personal details about your pet to create a training plan that includes a private training session with an exclusive trainer.

You can also avail free trial of the app if you want to check out before paying. With this application, you can train your dog during the initial week, and based on the results, and you can subscribe for plans. The app is on both AppStore and Google Play.

2. Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is another puppy app for those who want to ensure their dog’s health.

This Pet First Aid app belongs to the American Red Cross, and there is nothing you have to doubt about its authenticity.

During emergencies like your pet consuming a toxic substance, this app provides emergency protocols, including the CPR practice that you can practice in advance. It works with videos and quizzes and puts instructions in your hand.

Further, the app also provides the address of the closest veterinary hospital you can visit. And you can download this app for free from AppStore and Google Play.

3. Puppr

Having a good life with your pet requires good training for dogs. Meet Puppr, one of the best free dog training apps available for Android and iOS.

Puppr is led by Sara Carson, who is among the top trick instructors in the world. The app provides:

  • Easy-to-digest video instructions.
  • Live chat with expert dog trainers.
  • More than 100+ lessons.

Though various free resources are available on the Internet, they are non-secure and disorganized. Further, if you want to access these resources, use a VPN for iOS or Android to stay secure and avoid hackers. You can use the VPN service of VeePN (our recommendation) to access these resources.

4. Dog Monitor

If you ask us, “Which app is useful for dog owners?” Our first answer would probably include the Dog Monitor app.

With this app, you can monitor your dog when you’re outside winning the world. Further, it gives a feeling of assurance and confidence that your dog is safe and sound back at home.

5. Pawprint

Now you need not worry about maintaining the vaccine chart for your pets. Pawprint helps you share all the medical care records in one place. Further, it gives you important reminders such as vaccines, deworming, and other vital tests.

This puppy app is available for free but comes with a premium version for those who want to enjoy extra features. Moreover, you can maintain the vaccine schedule and get records from any veterinarian through their app.

6. Airvet

Some people might not have the time to visit a veterinary doctor each time their dog falls sick. For such people, the Airvet application provides a one-stop solution where you can contact any veterinary doctor virtually with a decent monthly fee.

It is a 24-hour server and is available all through the year. You can upload your pet’s medical data and find a suitable vet with a few taps.

What Are the 5 Things That Are Necessary for the Dog?

Owning a dog is a responsibility, and one should never own one just for luxurious purposes. To become a proud dog parent and raise a happy and healthy canine, you need to have these five things in place:

  1. Training: Training starts right from birth, and it is the metric that decides how your life will be.
  2. Health: Make sure you get a dog from a trustable source. Also, involve your dog in regular activities as per the breed.
  3. Nutrition: Provide your dog with the right kind of food. Consult your local vet for more on this.
  4. Vaccine: Age-appropriate vaccines prevent dogs from life-threatening diseases.
  5. Playing: For mental well-being and socialization, ensure your dog can play with toys, adults, and kids alike.


These are the six amazing apps that every dog owner must try. These apps will make your life easier and bring happiness to your dogs. You can download all these apps from your native application store; some are paid, while a few are free.

Some of these apps contain valuable resources such as training videos, how-tos, and articles. Also, ensure you use a trustable VPN such as VeePN while using these apps to ensure your and your dog’s details stay secure and far from the hackers.

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