Nature has bestowed us zillions of creatures that are unique on their own. Some of them are incredibly stunning, while others don’t catch our eyes easily, and we tag them as ugly creatures. The reality is different, remember!! Nothing in this world is unimportant. God had created everything for a reason that might be obscure from us, but they are working as a system. So the creature of our today’s talk is the marine water inhabitant. It is a blobfish.


The ugliest fish is the tag that is related to this creature. Blobfishes are the dwellers of the deep ocean. They live in such depth that nobody can reach it. At this level, the water pressure is so high that it crushed anything into thousands of pieces. Only blobfish can live at this level because of their body structure. They lack swimming bladders which are present in all fishes. Due to this feature, they can survive that other fish cannot survive.

They have a body of gelatinous mass without a skeleton. They also have no muscles. Due to this body structure, they can live in such depth.


Female blobfish lays thousands of eggs at the bottom of the sea. They are in pink colour. They lay around 9000 eggs and sometimes in thousands. They take care of them and nourish them. Blobfishes wait for their eggs until they hatch and come out from eggshells. Fishinaquarium give eggs in a distant way which is different from blobfish.

The female blobfish often hover to other nests as well apart from their nest. Life in deep water is very different from the life of the surface. At this level, life becomes quite dark and possesses no such vivid colours as life on the ocean’s upper level. Blobfish face the complications of life and protect their eggs from predators. The reason behind their extensive lifespan is that they can survive and conditioned themselves according to the habitat.


The matting of blobfishes is still a mystery. How it takes place and the contrasting features of these fishes are still in the process to be solved; we know that the females give eggs, and both males and females blobfish protect them.

There are many theories behind this process. Some say that they don’t have genders specifications and some say that male protects the eggs. So the truth we do not know as the research is still in process.


The parenting of blobfishes and the way they care for their little eggs is unique in its path. The eggs are pretty clean, and parent blobfish remove the dirt from their eggs daily. They supervised their eggs very well. They protect their eggs from the harsh effects of nature and the hunger of predators. They keep them close as well.

In this process, male blobfish can often be seen as the best caretaker. He protects his eggs and wife and is proven as the best guardian. Hence, he usually becomes the target of fishermen and got stuck in their trap.


After hatching from the eggs, the Blobfish baby tries to adapt to the environmental factors. They are nurtured by their parents and how to survive in these stressful and challenging conditions.

From many eggs, only a few survive because of the harsh conditions. The life expectancy of blobfish is up to 100 to 130 years.


 These deep-sea fishes are in great peril because of predators and hunters. Even this fish is not edible; instead, the trapping of blobfishes is in great numbers. Right now, there are about 420 blobfishes living in the world.

Only 1% reaches the level of adulthood.


Researchers also found out that blobfishes are also famous for taking excellent care of their fellow fish’s nests. Even they have produced a large number of eggs but instead, they visit other blobfish’s nests and protect them. These fishes are the best in this regard. When the blobfish is not available for their eggs, the other group tries to help them.

Scientists are keen on taking an interest in solving the mystery behind this behaviour of blobfishes, which is significantly distinguished them from other species of fish.


This fact confuses many people that if they laid down thousands of eggs, then why are they on the list of endangered species?

The answer to this question is the ocean life is tough where every school of fish is trying to get themselves protected from nasty predators. They keen on trying to be the survivors and challenging nature. So blobfish is also facing this issue. Even they live deep down the ocean, but other predators still prey on them. Out of all the humans are the greatest enemy of the blobfishes. Even though we can’t eat these fish, but many fishermen are still hunting them.

To preserve their essential lives, we need to stop hunting them and not become the reason for their killings. Let them breathe!! Let them survive!!


Blobfishes are the fascinating creatures of the oceans and sea. They have unique features, which is the reason for their popularity nowadays. The ability to survive in harsh and difficult conditions makes them the ones to survive in the depth of oceans where nobody has dared to go there and live. Their designed body makes them distinct.

The ability to not having a skeleton, muscles and swimming bladder are the critical factors of their life. They are considered the most long-lived water creatures. Due to this factor, their life expectancy is much more significant as compared to other water creatures. So stop hunting them, and let them grow and preventing this species from dying so it will live for many more years to come!

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