How to draw a dog step by step?

How to draw a dog step by step?

Learning how to draw a dog is a great way to learn the basics of drawing. Dogs and cats are fairly similar in the basic structure of their skeleton, at least in the simpler form drawn here. However, it is important to note that cats and dogs differ in several aspects, including behavior and size. This short tutorial will guide you through the basic step-by-step procedure of How to draw a dog using simple shapes and colors.

As you get started with learning how to draw dog, you will need various drawing tools. A good set of drawing tools includes an Artist Point Pen, Color Viewer, Paintbrush, and a Multifunction Pencil. These tools come at different sizes and prices. Depending on how often you plan to draw dogs, choose the right type of tools.

Starting with how to draw a dog step by step?

The first step is to hold the pencil or pencils parallel to the ground. Next, hold the mouse button and click a button on the drawing toolset to erase. Hold the shift button and click a second time to put the shape you have just drawn into the design view. Use the erase button to get rid of all of the unwanted fill patterns. Move your mouse to the next shape.

  • The next step is to start sketching the front legs of the dog in different positions.
start sketching the front legs

Keep in mind that you want to see how the legs look like a whole, with its legs and tail at the same place on the body. Sketch a smooth, rounded top for the head. Sketch a slightly rounded one for the face. You can now put body parts together to get a rough sketch of the complete look of the animal. Click on the shape you have just created and watch it move.

  • Next Step is to continue with the tail.
Next Step is to continue with the tail.

Sketch two similar but slightly different tails. Sketch the tip of the fifth leg, put it onto the other two tails, and erase any lines that connect the two tails. Now that you have the whole body in place move to the next part of the body. Sketch the stomach in different poses.

  • Step three continues with the remaining parts of the body.

For the head, use the same pattern you used in the previous step to create the fur shading. You will need to use the gradient tool to add fur shading to the body. After that, use the gradient tool to shade the rest of the fur, and you’re done!

  • You are now ready for the final step of this How to Draw a Dog cartoon.
Dog cartoon

Now you can use your cone tool to create an oval shape for the head. You will use the clone tool to create the fur around the snout the same way you did for the other parts of the body. Once you are finished, you can go back and add more details to your drawing. When you are done with the drawing, you can start practising with it. By adding more wrinkles to the snout and adding a curl at the end of the snout, you will be able to learn to draw dogs in no time.

Conclusion for how to draw dog step by step?

This how to draw a dog tutorial was designed to help new artists learn the basics of drawing. It introduces the five main strokes used in drawing dogs: line, stroke, erase, and fur shading. These tools are easy enough to understand and apply to your drawings. Learn how to apply them to your sketches, and you will soon be on your way to being the best artist you can be. Good luck!

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