Russian Wolfhound Patronuses

Understanding the Borzoi Patronus

The Patronus is an anti-dementor spell that conjures a magical guardian or protector, taking the shape of something deeply familiar and comforting to the caster. For witches and wizards who identify as “Borzoi,” their patronuses take on a canine form: most commonly a Borzoi patronus, but sometimes in the form of a variant Russian Wolfhound …

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Siberian Husky Dog Feeding Guide

Siberian Husky Dog Feeding Guide

Siberian Husky English name Siberian Husky Type medium-sized dog Classification fluffy dog pulling sled dog working dog Shoulder height 51~60cm Weight 16~27kg Origin All Huskies evolved from wolves, and it is because of the diversity of coat colour, size and temperament among the wolf breeds that we have today’s incredibly diverse breed of dogs. The …

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