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5 Reasons Your Dog Is Scratching Their Eyes

While petting a dog, you need to understand that it might get sick over a few matters. You will always have to observe and look out for abnormal behaviours. Such one example is when you see your dog scratching their eyes too much. You should know, that some problems are bothering the dog. Because frequent scratching is not okay and you should try to figure out the reasons. 

Expert dog owners may understand the reasons, but for novice dog parents, we are listing down some of the possibilities that may cause the dog to scratch its eyes. Moreover, Canine Weekly is always there to guide you for this reason. 

Possible Reasons Your Dog is Scratching the Eyes For 

From our end, we will always suggest consulting with an experienced vet for the same matter. Still, read the entire article for knowing all the possibilities for the sake of your dog. As a precaution, keep the dog always clean and maintain a certain degree of hygiene. 

  1. Food-induced Allergy

Certain foods trigger the allergy, and you should know about them. Talk to the vet about the dog’s diet, and he or she might be able to figure out the problem. There might be a new diet chart for the dog for the time being. But that is for the doctor to decide and let your dog get accustomed to that diet.

However, you have to realize that eye scratching might not be the sole symptom of your dog. It will come with more severe signs. 

Dog eyes
  1. Conjunctivitis 

This is an inflammation where the eyes are red and irritated. You will find your dog always scratching the eyes, and it might be swelled up as well. The eyes could also have some watery discharge as a result of extreme inflammation. This is not a serious condition, but you shouldn’t neglect the situation as well. The vet will give medication and the redness of the eyes will reduce, by minimizing the inflammation. 

  1. Insect Attack

There could be some simple insect bites or something that could easily affect the eyes. Look out for specific seasons when there are some insects, commonly around your house. Protect your dog from such things, and ensure that it is not getting bitten by any insects. Sometimes, if such situations are left without treatment, they might transform into something serious. You will have to be careful about all of these. 

  1. Glaucoma

This is a serious eye condition where fluctuating eye pressure triggers it. The dog might be extremely bothered by this situation. There are some technical terms based on the intensity of glaucoma and it is best explained by the vet. Still, for your knowledge, we are stating the names, secondary glaucoma, and primary glaucoma. Whatever and however they happen, the affected dog will have continuous irritation in its eyes. If this condition is not treated, then you know that the dog has a chance of losing its eyes. So, you better treat it as fast as possible. 

  1. Eye inflammation 

The reason we are mentioning inflammation as a separate point is that this is the most common cause. Several types of inflammation can happen at any given point. Keratitis and Blepharitis are two such inflammatory conditions where the dog has itchy and scratchy eyes. Depending on the conditions there are treatments and it is best to not wait once such things are noticed. 


The quicker you treat your dog, the better the chances of relief for it. Because not all scratchy eyes are trivial. Take care of your dog throughout the year, especially during those seasons when bacterial and yeast attacks are at their peak. Apart from these options, there are many other reasons like eye gunk, conceal ulcers, entropion, and many other allergies. 

Those allergies are either food induced or some bacteria-induced reasons. So, if you want to keep your dog healthy, maintain some precautions. Last but not the least, check out if your dog is scratching the eyes frequently or if is it just once in a while. If the frequency is concerning, they consult a vet immediately. This way you can give your dog some relief that it needs. 

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