Benefit from a Dog Joint Supplement

Signs your Canine Could Benefit from a Dog Joint Supplement

There are a lot of dog supplements out there on the market. But, what ones does your furry friend really need? One that you should be paying attention to is joint supplements. It is recommended that when your canine is an adult, you should give them a joint supplement on a regular basis. This can help to protect the joints from wear and tear as they get older. In particular, if your pup does a lot of running and exercise, this is going to help keep them young and healthy.

Are there signs that your canine could benefit from a dog joint supplement? Absolutely. These should not be ignored. Here are some signs you ought to look out for.

They are Slowing Down

Did your canine always use to be the life of the party and love to run around? There is no doubt that your furry friend will naturally slow down when they get older. But, if you have noticed that your pooch is slower than normal and not as upbeat as they usually are, perhaps they are feeling uncomfortable and in pain. In particular, if they are not running, jumping, or playing for long, it could be time to use a joint supplement. This might help them move around more freely again.

They are Stiff

 A classic sign that your pup is having trouble with their joints is that they are stiff. In other words, they might be stretching a lot and look like they are having trouble walking. This can be a sign that they are suffering from joint discomfort. In particular, this can happen when they have been sitting down for a while and have to get up. You will be surprised how a joint supplement can help with this stiffness. For some canines, it can give them a new lease of life and they can be young again.

They are Excessively Panting

First of all, there are a number of reasons why your dog might be panting. For instance, they could be hot and trying to cool down. But, it could also be because they are in pain from their joints. If you notice that your pup has a number of the symptoms we have talked about, as well as excessive panting, it might be time for a trip to the vet to see what is wrong. They are going to be able to confirm if your pooch is suffering from stiff and sore joints. Again, panting on its own is sometimes a cause for concern with other conditions. So, it is best to get a professional opinion on this.

The Joints are Sensitive to Touch

Have you been petting your dog and noticed that they are uncomfortable with you touching their joints? This could happen because they have an injury. But, it could also be a sign that your furry friend is experiencing joint pain. You can give your canine a joint supplement and this might help with the discomfort. But, for peace of mind, you should also visit your vets and make sure that nothing else is wrong with your dog.

Your Dog Struggles to Get Up

Dogs love to nap during the day and after a lot of exercises. But, keep an eye on your pooch when they get up from a nap. If you see them struggling and as if they are stiff, this can be a sign that they are experiencing discomfort with their joints. Taking a joint supplement might be able to alleviate the symptoms that they are experiencing. Often, they can be more energetic in the morning, but as the day goes on, they can get slower and stiffer. While a joint supplement can take a few weeks to kick, it has been known to transform a pup and its movement.

They Favour One Leg

Have you noticed that your dog is favoring one leg over the other? This can be a sign that they are struggling with their joints. First of all, check your pooch does not have a physical injury or is limping a lot. Again, you should never assume you know what is happening with your dog and it is best to see a vet. But, if there are signs that establish your furry friend has an injury, it could be down to joint cartilage damage. With the beneficial ingredients in a dog joint supplement, this might be able to help them regain some strength.

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