Solid Blue French Bulldog

Solid Blue French Bulldog-Basic Grooming and Health Care

The solid blue French Bulldog is just like the other French bulldogs. They are also very adorable, Due to their bluish-grey color, it is very rare. In some bluish breeds, there are white patches on their chest. These patches are mostly not recognized by registered breeders. The blue French bulldogs have the same body look as other French bulldogs.

Due to their small height and body shape, they can easily be groomed in small apartments. As caring is the basic need of any living thing, it is easy to handle solid blue French bulldogs. They are very chubby and tiny.

The solid blue French Bulldogs are very attractive due to their dark color and healthy face structure. Their flat face makes them more beautiful and attractive. The solid blue French bulldogs are bred as companion dogs. They easily adjust with other dogs.

The appearance of Solid Blue French Bulldog

The most important point why many people like to have a solid Blue French Bulldog is their chubby looks. Their ears and punch-like faces are an important feature in their looks.

This breed has short tails and a pinched nose. The solid blue French Bulldog contains a muscular body. In some blue French bulldogs, their eyes color is either blue or sometimes brown. Another interesting feature of blur French bulldogs is their wrinkled skin which looks quite shiny and soft.

  • Size:

The Solid blue French bulldogs are smaller in size. They are almost 11- 13 inches in height. They weigh almost 28 to 29 pounds.

In some cases, the male is taller than the female due to the heavy bone structure. But the weight of both males and females is the same.

  • Coat appearance:

The solid blue French Bulldog has a short coat and is very shiny. Their soft and shiny coat makes them irresistible to peoples and is quite attractive. There is very minimum shedding in solid blue French bulldogs, and their fur is sticky to their skin looks shiny.

  • Bone Structure:

The blue French bulldogs are shorter in height but have a very strong bone structure. They have short legs with heavy bones, which help them in running anywhere easily. Space between legs and broad chest makes them good-looking and a quite adorable look like a cute chubby animal.

Nature of Solid Blue French Bulldog:

The solid blue French Bulldog is a very loving and soft heart dog. They need much more attention like a baby. This is not the dog that you left at home and ignore them. They need a lot of attention and love from the owner. They need affection to form everyone. They can’t bother to be ignored by anyone.

These dogs like to live indoors as they are very environment-sensitive.

  • Aggression:

As we all know that the dogs are almost aggressive many people afraid of this. But in blue French Bulldog, this is not the case because they are very humble, soft, and kind-hearted dogs. In some cases, it is said that females are aggressive than males, but most cases conclude that both genders are very soft and cool.

  • Dealing with Children:

While choosing a dog as a pet, the main query of everyone is how they treat their children? So your search ends with blue French Bulldog because these dogs are very friendly with children. They look at them as a toy and enjoy their company, but it is recommended to introduce them as early as possible to avoid any injury.

  • With other Dogs and Animals:

It’s a very interesting point about solid blue French bulldogs that they are very playful with other dogs and animals at home. They can easily be groomed with other pets without any difficulties.

Due to their friendly and loving nature, they easily accept other dogs and pets as a friend. They are very good at playing games with other animals or children.

  • Response to Owner:

The solid blue French bulldogs are very attached to their owners. In most cases, they respond very quickly and actively. As they are very active and energetic, they can be trained in a very short period. They spent most of the time with their owners inside his house. They are mostly disturbed in the outside environment.

  • Temperament:

The blue French bulldogs are very cool temperament dogs. They become aggressive only, and only in hot weather, they have some allergies from the outside environment. In an indoor environment, they are very friendly, especially with children. When they are aggressive, they can be cooled by playing with them or need a short walk.

Health Issues:

Many peoples feel that the flat face of the French Bulldog is cute but is very sensitive to some very serious diseases and needs very much care and attention. There are some common diseases faced by both male and female French Bulldogs, such as diarrhea, ear infections (due to dirt), and eye injuries due to wrinkled skin.

All of a certainty, they need a lot of care and proper bathing and brushing twice a week. They are very sensitive t weather and outdoor allergies, which require serious attention.

Hair fall issue in specific Blue French Bulldog:

As mentioned above, skin allergies in Blue French Bulldog have specific hair loss issues in blue French Bulldog. The solid blue French Bulldog has special hair loss, especially from the blue part of the body, and is very harmful to the dog’s skin. Hair fall does not start in mini blue frenchie but it appears in adults.

It is normal that when you buy your dog, they may suffer from some skin allergies such as:

  • Wrinkled skin injuries.
  • Reactions of some allergies.
  • Dry skin and bald skin
  • Itching and injuries due to itching.
  • Patches due to baldness on main body parts of dogs.

This disease is named “Alopecia,” a common skin disease that affects the blue part of the skin.

Hygiene Tips:

Besides some health issues, some tips keep your dog healthy and fresh. Some are mentioned below:

  • Always brush their teeth to keep them away from the plague.
  • They face ear allergies, so clean their ear regularly to avoid injuries and infections.
  • Brush them regularly, softly, and gently
  • Give bath to your dog to keep them away from ticks.
  • Clean their paws and claws and cut nails because they also have long nail injuries and infections.

Breeding of Solid Blue French Bulldog:

The Solid blue French Bulldog is the world’s 4th famous breed that everyone likes. The breeding of Blue French bulldogs is indeed very difficult. The blue color is very rare and is very expensive. American kennel club also mentioned that French bulldog breeding is very difficult and expensive.

There are some reasons mentioned below why French bulldog breeding is hard, especially the blue French Bulldog.

  • The blue French bulldogs make some physical mating difficulties, and it can only be done through medical or artificial injections.
  • The Blue female French bulldogs face very difficulties during birth due to small canals, and they mostly need C-sections or major surgeries.
  • Female French bulldogs need much care during pregnancy because they feel difficulties in carrying the baby.

Breeding a blue French bulldog, both full pure male, and female is required because it is difficult to produce French Bulldog with dilute genes. Most of the time, it’s wasted.

Grooming Of Solid Blue French Bulldog:

The more you pay attention to your dog healthier and attractive he is. The common factor which plays an essential role in a pet’s life is the grooming period. The blue French Bulldog required much more attention than other dogs because they are small and loving and innocent dogs.

This breed is very sensitive to some skin allergies, so they need special attention in such cases. In the early days, they need to bathe weekly or after a week, but after six months, they require a bath twice a week. They can’t bother hot weather that why they need to be kept inside the house.

Since this breed is a flat face, they cannot swim, so keep them away from water. They need 20 minutes’ walk per day, not more than that.

Feeding of Solid Blue French Bulldog:

Food is a basic requirement of everyone’s life; the same is the case with dogs. They also need a portion of quality food. First of all, provide a registered food that is recommended by any certified kennel.

For every age, there is a different food plan for every puppy and adult.  The food plan for different solid blue French Bulldog is mentioned below:

Food plan for puppy:

Exercise Timing:

Always keep your pet healthy and active. The solid blue French Bulldog needs a walk of 20 minutes per day. Excessive walk is harmful to them. Due to their small height, they cannot walk for more than 15to 20 minutes. The blue solid French Bulldog is very playful. They need toys to play with and spent time.

They are not lazy, but the solid blue French Bulldog is not like other dogs. They love to remain inside the house or room. But it’s recommended to take your pet twice a day for a walk. Also, they easily play with other dogs. It is difficult to convince your French Bulldog to walk or exercise.  Regularly check the weight of your dog because they don’t like to be obsessed or become overweight.

  • Running:

The blue French Bulldog is not like other heightened dogs, so always keep in mind to avoid running. They only love to walk for 20 minutes in cold or normal weather. They don’t like hot weather. They will enjoy the short trails walk daily.

They only love to walk in pleasant weather.

  • Swimming:

Although there are many dogs that like swimming but they have no such allergies as French bulldogs. Because the solid blue French Bulldog is flat-faced and feels difficulty in swimming, it must stop them from water.


The solid blue French Bulldog is just like other French bulldogs. The basic difference in slid blue French Bulldog is the color and shiny skin. They are also very playful and active. The solid blue French Bulldog is quite attractive in color and is very rare. The breeding of this breed is very expensive and hard.

The solid blue French Bulldog is an adorable dog that you can’t ignore. This breed has some serious skin allergies, which the owner should know before buying a solid blue French bulldog.

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