Garlic and onions

What Foods Are Harmful to Dogs?

Pets have been around for a long time. If you consider the case of dogs, you will find that they have evolved in a way to live with human beings from old times. Apart from their preference to live with humans, it is quite interesting and pleasant for us to spend time with them as well. But you will be able to spend quality time with them only if you take care of them properly. Talking of taking care of pets, avoiding them from eating harmful foods is the most important thing. Since those animals don’t possess a complex brain as ours in order to decide what is good and bad, we need to pay extra attention when it comes to their basic needs. In order to make things clear and easy for you, we are here with a list of some harmful food items for dogs.


This is one of the favourite fruits of many people in the case they are not allergic to it. Things may get really bad in case the allergic person consumes it. But here is something you need to know about avocado in relation to dogs. One of the ingredients of avocadoes is persin which is found in leaves, seeds, bark, and inside the fruit as well. Avocado may cause vomiting, diarrhoea in dogs due to the presence of persin. Apart from that, avocado seeds cab stuck in the intestine or stomach of the dogs that might turn out to be even more fatal.

Food items with sweetening agents like Xylitol

Several food items that people consume on a regular basis contain Xylitol. Yes, we are talking about baked food items, diet foods, candy, gums, etc. Consumption of foods items high on this one will cause a significant drop in blood sugar levels in dogs. It can become even more harmful because it leads to liver failure in several cases. There are some symptoms that might conclude the consumption of these items and those symptoms include problems with coordination, lethargy, and vomiting. This situation might lead to seizures in some cases. You should be very careful about these symptoms because liver it might lead to liver failure after a few days.

Garlic and onions

When it comes to harmful foods for dogs, you have to keep watch on garlic, as well as, onions. Whether they are raw, powdered, cooked, dehydrated, or any other form, they are all harmful to your dog. This is the reason why you have to keep the dogs away from these two commonly used food items. Garlic and onion are known to kill red blood cells that would eventually lead to anemia if left unattended. If your dog is unfortunate enough to eat these items a lot at once, it might be a reason behind the poisoning. If you see symptoms like weakness, breathing issues, or vomiting in your dogs, garlic or onion might be an issue behind that.

Food items with caffeine

Items rich in caffeine are common enough to be household items of almost everyone. This is the main reason why you should be more careful. Your home is no different from others in terms of the abundant availability of caffeine products. Your dogs are at risk of falling prey to these products. Make sure you have made enough arrangements and your lifestyle is such that the dogs don’t get their hands on these food items.

You have to keep the dog away from cocoa, colas, chocolate products, soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. The owners of pets should know that some pain killers and other medicines contain caffeine as well. The point we want to make here is your pets need to be away from these food items. Whenever you have a doubt that your dog might have consumed such food materials, rush to the vet as soon as possible.

Dairy products

You might feel good by thinking of sharing ice cream with your dog on a hot summer day but you are doing wrong. Ice cream is a dairy product that contains chocolate as well. That is why they are very harmful to dogs. Apart from it, you have to save your dog from other dairy products as well because these products lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. 

 Final words

We hope this article served its purpose in letting you know about the harmful food items that your dog to stay away from. Let us know in the comment section below how much did it help?

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